Maroye Marinkovic

Maroye Marinkovic

COO Circular Tree (Member of iPoint Group)

Maroye is the co-founder of CircularTree, a member of the iPoint group, which helps organizations achieve sustainable and compliant products and supply chains through digitalization. He is a solution designer and a communicator with a passion for improving social & environmental sustainability.

Since 2009 he has held several leadership roles in various areas including R&D, marketing, and enterprise software product development. In 2017 he recognized the potential of blockchain technology for improving trust, transparency, and coordination across value chains. He is currently leading several blockchain initiatives addressing Conflict Minerals, hazardous substances, e-waste, and resource circulation. 

Maroye approaches digitalization with a circular mindset; focusing on achieving needs but prioritizing efficiency and energy savings, including designing out waste, fraud, corruption and negative health, safety, and environmental impacts. He is a strong believer that, like the circular economy, digitalization requires co-creation and collaborative design thinking.


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