Dr. Mark McElroy

Dr. Mark McElroy

Founding Director, CSO / Co-Creator, MultiCapital Scorecard

Mark W. McElroy, Ph.D. is an accomplished innovator, consultant, author and educator in the theory and practice of corporate sustainability management.  He currently serves as Executive Director of the Center for Sustainable Organizations, where he consults to businesses on sustainability management and accounting issues.

Dr. McElroy is particularly well known for his research and development of tools, methods and metrics for measuring, managing and reporting the sustainability performance of organizations.  In that regard, he is arguably the world’s leading developer, practitioner and advocate of Context-Based Sustainability and Multiple Capital Accounting, a new approach to management in which performance is seen as a function of what an organization’s impacts on vital capitals are.

Dr. McElroy is also a co-founding principal of Thomas & McElroy LLC, a small consultancy in the U.S and Europe.  Along with his partner, Martin Thomas, formerly of Unilever, he co-developed the MultiCapital Scorecard, the world’s first quantitative and context-based implementation of Triple Bottom Line accounting.

Dr. McElroy is also a veteran of management consulting, having spent much of his career at Price Waterhouse, KPMG Peat Marwick – where as a partner he led a national practice – and Deloitte Consulting, where he led the Center for Sustainability Performance in Boston, MA.