Marcia Bos

Marcia Bos

Innovator, Saltut with focus on Innovation, Strategy and Impact.

In her work, Marcia Bos, innovator at Salut, focuses on powerful innovation in health. Salut is part of the public benefit institution Stichting VIT Gezondheidszorg (in Dutch: ANBI) closely tied to Coöperatie VGZ. She works on the topics of innovation, strategy and impact. With her background in Political Science and Health Administration and with more than 15 years of experience in Health Insurance, Marcia, with her team at Salut, now focusses on the development of a business model that will support the shift from health care towards prevention and wellbeing. Learning by doing is their way to understand how every rightsholder, and there are many, can play its part in this transformation. Their goal is to improve the lifespan of Dutch citizens in perceived good health with 5 years by 2030. Personally Marcia believes that everyone should be enabled to gain the knowledge and information about their health in the context of positive health so to be able to use this to improve  health as you see fit.


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