Lisette Magis

Lisette Magis

Director, Bouwerswerkplaats and Bakkerswerkplaats


As director of the Bakkers- and Bouwerswerkplaats I practically train people without a start qualification in the baker’s and builder’s craftmanship and help them on their way to a paid job. Together with the teachers, we prove that practical training is the way of learning for large groups of people.
As chairman of the We are Rotterdam Foundation, we want to set up as many workshops as possible in different branches to help solve unemployment. 
I have a background as a structural engineer at TU Delft and worked for 17 years as an intermediary in various connecting roles in Architecture, Telecom, ICT and at the municipality of Rotterdam. I 2013 I started my own company and I got to know the target group through an assignment in Afrikaanderwijk, Rotterdam South. I thought it was important that, after picking up paper on the street, there would be a project where people could develop further and the Bakkerswerkplaats started. At the end of 2017 I thought that this bakery formula would also work in construction. Set up a crowdfunding, bought a house and started a pilot in my own house. I can fully use my creativity and inventiveness if I am not bothered by any knowledge. I do 21st architecture namely social architecture, people make the city!


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