Annet Struik

Annet Struik

Founding Partner, THRIVE Institute


Annet is Founding Partner at THRIVE institute, an entrepreneurial thinktank. Her main focus areas are: social entrepreneurship, making & measuring impact and futureproof(ing) education.
Annet developed an Impact Compass and a card game about making and measuring impact.  She is passionate about making impact measurement (as a means to make more impact) more accessible. Because to her it’s all about knowing whether you’re on track to fulfill your mission and how you need to adjust. She loves diving deep about purpose and social impact and discover what is needed to be the change we want to see in the world. And then make that change.  Education plays an important role in that.  
Together with Voor Goed – Rotterdam Impact Agency she is investigating what is needed in Rotterdam for Social Entrepreneurs regarding education.
As part of the Rotterdam Impact Initiative she and her colleagues from THRIVE institute help SIFR (Social Impact Fund Rotterdam) with formulating a Theory of Change and doing impact-research for the entrepreneurs that would like funding from SIFR, amongst other services.


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