Adam Garfunkel

Adam Garfunkel

Managing Director, Junxion


An experienced sustainability consultant, writer and activist, Adam has spent more than a quarter of a century helping organisations plan and deliver effective strategies and communications to further social and environmental goals. Prior to becoming a consultant Adam was a pollution campaigner with Friends of the Earth and the principles of transparency and accountability underpin all his work as a ‘critical friend’ to companies.
He co-owns Junxion Strategy, a consultancy working at the intersection of sustainability thinking and marketing communications expertise. Junxion supports leaders to build the success stories of the next economy by helping clients to articulate their purpose, plan for impact, share their stories and measure and report on the difference they have made.
Junxion is a Certified B Corporation and Adam is one of the UK’s B Corp Ambassadors and contributed to the latest version of the B Impact Assessment. Adam is also an associate of the UK’s Impact Investment Network and an Advocation Partner of Reporting 3.0.
Adam’s long history working on corporate sustainability strategy and reporting includes writing the first report published in the UK according to the then pilot version of the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines. He has consulted in many sectors including hospitality, sporting goods and finance, working for organisations such as adidas, Nordea Bank and the United Nations Environment Programme. Adam’s most recent significant project was writing the communications strategy for the new UN Principles for Responsible Banking.

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